House Rogash

Family Head: Jagatai Rogash

General info: The House Rogash has a stranglehold on almost all food that is traded on Tel Primus thanks to there hereditary governer position on Tel Secundus. The Rogash Hive is home to the Adeptas Telipathica in the system, The Rogash house devotes a good deal of wealth to supporting the lavish lifestyles that the Telepathica enjoy and as such hold favour with them over all the other houses. There is also an unusually high number of psykers who share blood with house Rogash.

House Rogash Military: Easily the weakest military in the system, the House Rogash PMC is the second smallest and almost entirely mercinary, as such unreliable, poorly equiped, trained and of questionable loyalty.

House Rogash Assets: Having control of all the excess food produced on Tel Secondus they have considerable wealth, however, the price of maintaining there PMC has reduced them to the second richest of the Houses.


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