House Pensk

Family Head: Vervai Pensk

General info: The House Pensk has very strong ties with the Mechanicum, there Adepta headquarters in the system is in the Pensk Hive. For as many generations of the Pensk house as are recorded all the children have been educated by the Mechanicum, many lesser members of the house join the mechanicum. It is, as such, difficult to tell where the Pensk house ends and the Mechanicum begins.

House Pensk Military: The Pensk PMC is effectivly as close to Skitarii as the Mechanicum would allow outside there control. Massive amounts of Bionics enhance there officers and most of there soldiers are Gun servitors, combat servitors are close enough, but for the lobotomy.

House Pensk Assets: Having close ties to the Mechanicum the house is able to gain access to bionics, techpriest services and are top of the list for any maintainance. Mose of Hive Pensk is also Manufactoria which means they effectivly control all access to weapons, ammo, vehicles and manufactured goods that require specialist manufactoria.


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