House Morkum

Family Head: Palius Marvelious Drusius Veger Morkum

General info: The Morkum Family has (although unofficialy) had a hereditary claim to the position of Planetary Governor on Tel Primus since the family was first established. As the Adeptus Administratum system headquaters is in Hive Morkum there is a conection between the adepta and the family running back several millenia. The Morkum house has a long standing tradition of inducting there first born children into the administratum and as such it is impossible to seperate House Morkum plans and agenda from the plans and agenda of the system administratum.

House Morkum Millitary: The House Morkum PMC is small but well trained and equipped. They also have access to a large number of armoured vehicles and fliers for transport.

House Morkum Assets: The Morkum hive is predominantly administrative and as such is able to gain access to equipment, resources and assistance from other hives, ships, etc. via the administratum’s control of everything that makes life in the hives proceed.


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