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+++Inquisitorial Transmission+++
+++Calixis sector+++
+++Tel system+++
+++Gant’z Spear+++

You are required by our Inquisitor Kandos to attend to the Hive world of Tel Primus. There has been vast disquiet in the system and there is a major risk of civil war, uprising and heresy. Begin your investigation into the instability on the planet and determine the best means of setteling it or report it to the Inquisitor by standard channels. We have supplied you with false Identity papers for the planet that claims you are members of the munitorium sent to examine the schedual of the Imperial tithe, To reduce confusion these have been registered under your actual names. This should pose no problem due to your relativly unknown status. Find attatched documents pertining to the planets of the system, the political figures, the situation, the institutions and other necissary information. You will be informed as to particulars by a contact as soon as you arrive in the Vagar Hive Starport.

Additional, for the course of the mission the Gant’z Spear has been placed under your authaurtity, The commander has been paid in full. Your funding to support the mission is 3500 Thronegelt. Stock the ship accordingly before the mission to avoid suspicion.

foras sesto pondero ver
Interigator Xylt Magorn

Attatched Files:

System information:
Tel Primus
Tel Secundus
Tel Teritus
Tel Minus

In-system ships of note:
Hammer of Grahle
Gant’z spear

Tel Primus Hives families:

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