Gant'z spear


The Gant’z Spear (named after an ancient hero from the early history of Tel Primus) is a small ship designed for use in-orbit as well as travel to the nearby obriting vessels and later adapted for short in system warp travel.

Weapons: None
Crew: Commander Ezikeal Strom, Engineseer Kay leigh, Chirurgen Micheal Trant, Vivian Strom
Additional notes: 8 Personel Dorms (4 Port, 4 Starboard), Small cargo skimmer.
Medical facilities: Converted Personel Dorm, outfitted with standard chirureon’s tools and equipment.
Security: Sealed airlock-blast doors protecting loading ramp.

Small Cargo Skimmer: The onboard Cargo skimmer is designed to transport upto 7 tons of cargo. It can hover upto 500 feet and can move upto 180mph under optimum conditions.

Gant'z spear

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